Orrim's Watch

Orrim’s watch is a small town or a large village which sits on the eastern flank of the Graywall Mountains in the nation of Breland. It is not an important trading hub and is mostly self-sufficient. The Watchers, as the residents are called, are mainly human. There is also a sizeable amount of half-elves and a very few elves, shifters and halflings.


Early Days
As far as the current inhabitants know, Orrim’s Watch was originally settled by a smallish tribe of reptile-like humanoids. These creatures apparently welcomed and helped the ten settling families make the region their own. Although the settlement was far from Galifar’s political and economic centres and lacking true strategic value, a keep was built near the settlement shortly after the establishment of the Council of Ten. The keep was abandoned roughly 100 years later after at about the same time as a fire almost completely razes the settlement. The town was quicky rebuilt and the Rangers founded to prevent future problems of the sort.

The Last War
Orrim’s Watch was barely involved in the last war. Luckily for the Watchers, Droaam’s ambition ended at the Graywall Mountains and Orrim’s Watch was too far to be of interest to the other four nations of old Galifar. A small garrison of Brelish soldiers was posted in Orrim’s Watch in 900 YK despite protests from the Council of Ten. A small force of 10 of the King’s soldiers remain in town on a rotating basis to this day.

Important People

The Council of Ten
The Council of Ten is formed of one representative from each of the ten settling families. It is the town’s political leadership. Each family selects its representative according to its own criteria, be it vote, age or ability.

Chumana Yurt
Head of the Rangers, Chumana Yurt, is one of the town’s few shifters. She is the Yurt family’s representative. As hereditary leaders of the Rangers, the Yurts choose their representative based on ability. Members wishing to take the position must challenge the current representative to a test of his or her choosing. Serious even before her ascension, she became severely detached after her husband was taken away by a wild animal. She still does her job with ruthless efficiency, but her relationship with most of the town’s residents, including her son, have become strained as she spends all her free time obsessing over the creature.
Rengad Swift

Interesting Features

Orrim’s Head
In the mountains west of the town lie the remains of what must have been a titanic statue. What was undoubtedly the head remains mostly intact with the exception of the erosion of its facial features. It serves as the focus for the Night Watch.
Ruins of Shadowfall Keep
Shadowfall Keep, built roughly 1700 years before the founding of Galifar fell roughly 100 years later. Ruins is a grand word for the few remaining standing stuctures. The ruins lie roughly one day’s walk southwest of Orrim’s Watch proper. There are no edicts against visiting the ruins, but their location deeper in the wild and the associated risks are usually enough to keep most casual visitors at bay.

Orrim's Watch

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